Who we are?
E R N Nepal is a group of Nepali volunteers who are working in development of local communities of Nepal. We have 15 years of experience working with International Volunteers. We offer international people a challenging, customized volunteer opportunities that benefit both the volunteers and the people of Nepal. Our program runs throughout the year and available to both groups and individuals. We provide opportunity for the international volunteers to work with the children, youth and the local people of Nepal.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide affordable volunteering program in Nepal. It is established to link international volunteers with Nepali people in an attempt to enrich and improve the lives of Nepali people and provide a New and memorable adventure for volunteers. Our Mission is to create and develop a range of dynamic opportunities that would be benefit for International volunteer and the communities of Nepal. We have so far worked with 1500 volunteers from all over the world. Experience Real Nepal established to organize a Volunteer Program and responsible travel with different aspects and new activities so that the participant can experience even more of what Nepal has to offer. We create an opportunity for Nepali youth to work together with the international participant so that both can have a better understanding about their respective Cultures and global friendships can be formed. We create an environment where both parties can exchange their experiences and learn from each other. Our programs are accessible to all and work for everyone from single women to couples with anything from 2 weeks to 5 months to offer. We are about changing people's lives with an interactive perspective which has been gathering momentum for the past seven years and forming life altering friendships and memories every step of the way.