Current Volunteer in Nepal

Janine - Germany - She is volunteering with us for 8 weeks. She is staying in Happy Home Chitwan with her friend Lydia. They will be helping the children in Happy Home Orphanage.

Lydia - Germany - She is here to volunteer in Happy Home orphanage with her friend, Janine. She will be volunteering in the orphanage for 8 weeks.

Rebecca - Switzerland - Rebecca is volunteering with us for 4 weeks. She is in a village in Nirmal Pokhari in Pokhara. She is working in a resource centre with the children with another volunteer

Myriam - Germany - Myriam is working in a resource centre with Rebecca in Nirmal Pokhari for 3 weeks. She has been living in a remote host family and loves it there. Her work includes teaching children in resource centres in the morning and evening.

Sarah Schmidtke - Germany - Sarah is volunteering in a kinder garden school with Sonja in Dhapasi, Kathmandu. They are staying a Nepali host family. They love teaching children

Sonja Offinger - Germany - Sonja is working in a kinder garden school with Sarah. They are enjoying their work in the school. They say that the staffs in the school are friendly and that's what makes them enjoy their work. The host family is evenly frank and friendly

Bethan Tomasett - UK - Bethan is working in a monastery in Kathmandu. The monastery is in a very peaceful part of Kathmandu. She is working there with Tara and Rebecca. She is volunteering with us for 4 weeks

Tara Parmar - UK - Tara is volunteering with Beth and Rebecca in the monastery for 4 weeks. 'Child monks are absolutely amazing!' was her response when asked about the work at the monastery.

Francis and Jane Gaffeny - UK - Francis and Jane are husband and wife and are working together on the construction project in Sitamai, Chitwan. They are upto building the bridges in a park. They stay in a host family. They are here for 4 weeks.

Emma Gibson - UK - Emma is here with her friend Lucy for 4 weeks to do the medical placement. She is in Pokhara in Manipal Hospital. They stay in a host family and also go to orphanages to check on the children's health condition

Lucy Watson - UK - Lucy is working with Lucy and Millie in Manipal hospital. The main job involves shadowing the doctor in the hospital to gain some experience. They all are placed in a same host family.

Millie Goodwin - UK - Millie is working with Lucy and Emma in Manipal hospital. She is going to university for the medical studies and thinks this will be a very good experience and help to boost her knowledge. She is volunteering for 4 weeks

Vickie Hughson - UK - Vickie is volunteering in the construction project with Francis and Jane in Sitamai, Chitwan. She is helping the local people build the small bridges in Sitamai Park. And she also teaches children in the morning and evening. She's here for 4 weeks.

Rebecca Newton - UK - Rebecca has been volunteering in Khwalung monastery in Kathmandu with Tara and Beth. They have been teaching the child monks for 6 weeks now. She stays in the monastery.