Health & Sanitation/Medical Work

Nepal 's health care system is very poorly resourced . There is an obvious lack of manpower and resources at all levels. The local hospitals which are located in the outer city areas and villages urgently need volunteers and help. As a medical volunteer in Nepal , you will work in these rural health posts and community clinics. You mostly work as an assistant to the main doctor. Work responsibilities vary with your education, skill and experience.

Depending on their medical qualifications volunteers with a background in healthcare will work closely with orphanages in the Kathmandu Valley. The need is extensive for children's health care. Projects could include; health checks, the creation of medical records, health and sanitation education; administering inoculations against childhood diseases and treating basic ailments in the orphanage. Volunteers with health education and first aid training can also provide real benefits to local communities. You can teach youth clubs and/or women's groups in the community about Health and Sanitation. You can also deliver first aid knowledge to the local villages and assist in developing and delivering First Aid and General Health Programs. Please note that for the health program we prefer medical students or advanced degree holders, however, volunteers with basic experience in this area can also be placed.