Our Teams


Naresh Raj Ghimire "Asim"
Director /Chairman

Asim is 40 years old and have got 32 Children. Don't surprise this is true and every children called him as a Asim Dai (Brother )..... Asim runs two Orphanage homes with 32 children in Chitwan and Pokhara and these homes called Happy Home. In 2006 May Asim has visited to the UK for three weeks of Cultural Exchange program and in 2007 for 4 weeks, in 2008 for 6 weeks and in 2009 he has visited Europe for 6 weeks. He had over 15 years' experience working with volunteer NGOs such as SPW, GAN,BNMT before deciding to set up Real Nepal in 2005.Since 2006 Asim has been working as a country co-ordinator for Gap Year company from UK, Germany and Australia. Asim has already worked with 5000 volunteers from overseas since 1994. Interests include working in the theatre and writing plays and he has made one series for Nepali National Television.
E-mail: asim.naresh@gmail.comĀ 
Cell phone : 00977 9741178929 or 977 9851054813 -
24 hours service /
Home phone - 977 14880198

Kshitiz Pandey
Volunteer Coordinator

Kshitiz often meets the volunteers at the airport. He has four years experience in teaching Nepali Language and cultural. Kshitiz trains the volunteers, takes them to their first placement. He has traveled to China on a volunteer exchange programme and his interests include learning languages, volunteering teaching children English, dancing and singing.

Rina Adhikari
Co-coordinator \ Language Trainer

Rina is a co-coordinator, supporting volunteers throughout their training in Kathmandu. Rina also takes the female volunteers for shopping and sightseeing. Rina also teaches Nepali language as well as accompanying the volunteers to their placements to settle them in. Rina is a very friendly and open girl with very good English.