Teaching English in School / Village Center

In this program volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to Nepali children. It is our goal to ensure that the children of Nepal are able to advance their practical written and verbal English language skills. In Nepal, English is becoming more and more of a required skill for job placement, educational advancement and future success. Schools in Nepal often lack in funding and resources. Class size can range from 10 to 80 students. School runs from Sunday to Friday with Saturday off, students are between 4 and 16 years of age. To teach English at a Nepali school you don't need to have formal teaching qualifications. You will need a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of patience. Festivals, exams, holidays and strikes disrupt the teaching schedule at various times throughout the year. We ask that volunteers in the teaching program have a second choice of program for these times. You may also like to consider teaching in an informal setting within the orphanage program where many children need additional assistance with school work.
Teaching English in School