Why Volunteer in Nepal?

Volunteer work is a way for you to do incredible things in another country and really experience another culture. You will get the opportunity to learn Nepali Language, live with a different Culture and experience the lifestyle of the people that help you to get valuable skills and experience and demonstrate solidarity towards organizations that need your help. Itís a reciprocal process that benefits both you and your placement. By such an interchange, you will take part in improving the world by making friendships across boarders and by emphasizing values such as tolerance and peace.

Why Choose Nepal ?
Nepal is a small country with huge cultural diversity and landscape. Nepali people are known as very friendly and hospitable people of the world. Being a volunteer you will be a part of of the Organization which needs your support and become a part of the focal family. We make you feel that "you are at home, away from home". Nepal is known as a mountain paradise and you will have a chance to see the Top of the world Mt- Everest and do some adventure activities like Jungle Safari, White water rafting, Trekking and much more.We already had altogether German Volunteer, Austrian Volunteer, Finish Volunteer, Finland Volunteer, Spanish Volunteer, Spain Volunteer, French Volunteer, France