Work & Travel Program

Every year 5000 Nepali youth are traveling abroad to find work and so we have a problem of unemployment here in Nepal. But still there are some areas where a native English speaker can help to build the nation. To apply for a job with us, one should volunteer at least for four weeks with us and have all the Language and Cultural training which then benefits you when seeking and looking for work. The salary can be from 100 USD for a month to 250 USD depending on the hours. You will have only one day free in a week, Saturday is the only holiday and Nepali people are known for their hard work ethic.

We can find you a job in these fields.
1. Hotel and Restaurant as a receptionist, Customer Services or Marketing - dealing with International tourists and local businesses.

2. Teaching at a School - Private Schools encourage Native English speakers to become apart of their network and Toefl training is widely available.

3. Working in the Media, Newspaper, Radio, TV - Native English Speakers can work well as journalists as English Newspapers are read daily throughout Nepal.

4. Working for NGO's - Office and IT opportunities, as well as coordinating international volunteer activities.

5. Working in a Language Institute - Private funded Institutes which range from College graduates to Adult Education classes, formal training is given within the Institutes.